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Email Subdomain Update for SAP Concur Communications

As your trusted partner, we are planning to adopt an industry best practice for e-mail deliverability and security by moving to “DMARC” e-mail security protocol. As a result, we are adding e-mail subdomains from which we send a significant amount of our e-mail communications. For some e-mails, the e-mails will come from an or e-mail address instead of


To ensure you continue to receive important communications from us, you may need to update your organization’s allow list. We’re alerting customers proactively as a precaution since not all organizations maintain an allow list.


Action: If your organization maintains an allow list for e-mail domains, please work with your IT team and update your allow list to include “” and “” by June 1, 2021. More information is located here.


IMPORTANT: This change does not impact the following:

  • 1:1 e-mail communication that you have with your SAP Concur account team or other SAP representatives. These e-mails will continue to come from
  • System e-mails (expense report approvals, travel bookings, and more) that come from,, or other products and solutions. Those e-mails will continue to come from the e-mail domain that they currently come from.
  • SAP Concur Support updates (such as case notifications, info center notices, or service alerts).


If your internal configurations allow it, a best practice to avoid future updates is to allow “*” with the asterisk to ensure any future subdomain changes are included automatically. Work with your IT team carefully because not all configurations may allow this.


We want to ensure that we maintain our valuable relationship with you and that you receive the information that you are interested in such as important product updates, valuable news and resources, event invitations, and more.

You can review all e-mail domains that come from SAP Concur solutions in our Supported Configurations guide (page 12). For assistance, contact your internal IT department. Anyone can learn more about DMARC e-mail protocol here.


Thank you for your continued partnership.

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