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Re: Using airline small business programs

We always ensure companies are signed up for the three big ones:

AA Business Extra, Delta Sky Bonus and United Perk Plus.

The TMC has to ensure their Quality Control software is loaded with them, and after a month or so int he program, run an audit of the miles/points being truly reflected on those corporate rewards program.

Then forget about it for a year Smiley Happy

If you are working with a smaller agency, they will usually be more flexible and help you redeem those points/miles for a fee.


Just note that those airfare redemptions can't be serviced by TMC in a sense that if you decide to book all travelers on points for your holiday party, and there is a hurricane and now all tickets must be canceled, you are in trouble. Normally, TMCs have access to the airline backend systems, and routing people is relatively easy. With Points/Miles, they are just like you calling the rewards program support line, which at that time will have long hold times.

I have seen TMCs putting a rule that no more than 3 tickets can be redeemed for the same period. This prevents overpromising on service as realistically they can't help you during an emergency...

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