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Single Sign On (SSO) is being bypassed by some Apps / add ons?

We are expanding our Concur footprint (we use SSO).

A number of employees have raised internal support tickets due to the following:

When selecting a 3rd party app / add on available in Concur, it routes them to (which requires their user ID and password). Since they are SSO, they don't know their ID/password. They start trying other system IDs and is extremely confusing.

Has anyone run into this issue? We'd like these to also use SSO regardless of what is selected in Concur.

Appreciate any help or advice - as always.

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Hi there

We also use SSO and have had this issue with users reconnecting to the mobile apps.

Even though they have verified their details, the app still  insists on a logon and paaword

I ended up adding a password to their user account.  It seems that they only need it once and then they go back to SSO

So far we have had 5 occurences of this in the past 5 weeks


Hope this helps




SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

The Three Ws Club! (@DavidW@TrishW, and me--JodyW...=-0)

Can each of you give me an example of one of the apps that generated this experience for the end user?

Jody Wilkins
Product Communications at SAP Concur
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We have a new user who received the following on his Mac, when I click on the link with my iphone...I also end up at



(Trish is too nice - I'm not going to give anyone passwords!)



#1 W 



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My user also was using Tripit