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Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

Welcome to the community!

You mentioned reaching out to your company help desk/Concur Admin but they told you they don't support the app? Do you know if you spoke to your general IT help desk or the actual Concur Admin? A lot of times the IT help desk has nothing to do with Concur (shouldn't be that way but baby steps) but you should have a Concur person, typically in Accounting. @Tsbihi I pose the same question to you.

The reason I ask is you may have a Concur Admin who would benefit from joining you in this community. If that's the case we would be able to help them help you when issues like this arise. If your companies don't have a Concur Admin please point me to your HR hiring managers because you definitely need one. 😁🤞🙋‍♀️

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Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

This is happening to me also. You seem to be treating this as a case by case basis, but theevidence points to some sort of failure in the mobile app. Please put more information out here besides having our employees open tickets. An explaination of the problem would be much more helpful.

I'm going to Fusion
I'm going to Fusion

Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

Our company uses single sign on and there are many times when my employees have issues with the mobile app.

What has worked (so far) for all of our employees is to use the concur log in as the user name.

Then they create a mobile PIN (on a desk top computer) and use the PIN as the password on mobile.  This has allowed everyone to access the mobile app.  Hope this helps.


Clay Wilson
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Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

Unable to connect Uber app to Concur. I go to the AppCenter, click on Uber, click on "Connect" and I am prompted to sign up for an account when I already have one. When I input my current account info, it states "this number is being used by another account." How do I connect? Within the ride app or Concur?


In my Lyft app, I have enabled "Concur" in "Settings" -> "Business profile" -> "Expense management" -> "Concur." There are many directions stating to enable the feature in "Payments" which is not true. Please advise.

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Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App


I'm having the same issue described, have been using the mobile app for over a year now but today it's decided it will not let me login. I can login to the web app with no problem but it's clearly not as convenient as being able to do my expenses on the go.  Desperate for some help on this as i've gone around in circles with my organisations IT

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Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

I am having the same issue as the others with the SAP Concur app not working on my iphone it says my password is expired although it works on the website.  I changed it on the website, rebooted, removed the app from my phone and reinstalled it and I still have the same message.  I put in a help desk ticket yesterday and was told to contact support at CWT that you have to fix it.  With so many people, yet not everyone, having this issue there must be a resolution for it.  Please share with us the resolution.

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Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

Having EXACTLY the same problem on August 26.  Concur, PLEASE fix this.

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Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

Same issue on Sept 4th, 2018. Logging in from Android with the Concur App. 

@jmt2331 wrote:

I have no problem logging on to Concur website from my laptop.  But I now can't login to the concur mobile app from my iPhone or iPad.  I am getting the following message.  "Unable to Sign In.   We are unable to sign you in at this time.  Please contact your company's help desk or travel/expense department."  I have done this and they say they don't support the app, but i can't seem to find a way to reach SAP Concur for help.  Can anyone help with this? 


SAP Concur, Former Employee

Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

Hi @amarquardt,

Thank you for letting us know you are seeing the same issue. The issue discribed in this thread has been passed along to our mobile team. They are working to fix this it. In the meantime, contacting your authorized support contact or the User Support Desk is your best option. They will be able to help you create a support ticket and work towards a solution. Thank you for your understanding. 

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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Re: Cannot login to Concur Mobile App

I have been  having this issue for the past few months. I've deleted the app and then re-installed it. I've set up a pin. I have also downloaded ExpenseIt app and I also can't sign in there. Can someone from helpdesk please contact me? Thanks in advance.