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New Member - Level 1

Uber Connection to Concur

My concur App stopped talking with my Uber app and it’s annoying.  

My Uber app used to (up until October 2018) send the business profile ride receipt/expense to my Concur app.  I’ve tried sending a connection email from the concur app and re-entered my cc to no avail.

any suggestions are welcomed 

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Routine Member - Level 2

Re: Uber Connection to Concur

Hi @Kim2539,

Have you attempted Disconnecting and Reconnecting from Concur App Center? That is my first thought on this issue.


Jessica Lynch
Associate Accountant & Travel Manager
Junior Member - Level 1

Re: Uber Connection to Concur

Did you check in your apps store to see if you're still connected to Uber?  One of my co workers wants to have his account connected to his Concur account, but the "Connect" option is grayed out and not allowing him to press it.  I have reached out to and they are investigating further.  They say it could be an Uber issue and that I need to reach out to them.  I am hesistant to do that for the amount of time it will take to try to resolve an issue that I don't fully understand.  Anyway, just wanted to give you a background on what I have been working with re: Uber and the app store.