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Anyone willing to tell me what they think about Concur for expense reimbursements?

I've been tasked with possibly moving our company over to an app or online platform for expense claim reimbursements. I've gotten the sales pitch from Concur, but in the past I've heard some grumblings from folks who use it that they're unhappy. We wouldn't be using it for travel arrangements or AR services, just travel expense claims. I have a hard time believing it's as amazingly perfect as the sales pitch and demos show it to be, but I'd like to hear some actual user thoughts.



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dear @Kakashi 

I have been part of 5 different implementations and experiences of Concur for Expense and Travel.

If you are involved with the contract for implementation and features to be implemented, make super extra sure what are those feature and what they are used to. Don't get rush on signing the contract as you will know EXACTLY what the different settings are for.


Now I know quite well what the company would need and what is not necessary, but it depend on the Company you are working for too and how is planning to organized the managing of T&E.


Than, I can only recommend them as the top for T&E plus considering that in the last few years they are part of SAP, if your company also use as ERP SAP, I think it could leverage even more the service and easier integration.


Depending on the size of your company, but I would highly consider the service of Concur Audit (where they check for you the expenses based on your policy indication). 

As a tool for doing expenses, it is great, also with the use of the Mobile application where picture of receipts can be uploaded and even matched automatically with the Credit Card transactions feeding the system. 


At the start it will be eventually challenge for the company, but with good training and follow up within your organization within a few months you should be able to easily manage the whole system.


fyi, I have seen others expense tools, but were just a bad copy of what I have seen from Concur. 

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager

@Kakashi you ask a fair question. While I won't reply directly (as I am a bit biased being an SAP Concur employee) I will tag a couple of others that may be able to give some insight as to their experience with Concur. 


@DeanR @JessicaL @RichardG @AmberLee are any of you willing to share your insights to @Kakashi ?

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager

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I would have to agree with @Munari_alEXPert  Concur is a great expense tool, especially compared to others in the marketplace currently. It is user friendly, available as an app, has useful training documents, has this wonderful community 🙂 I have not found another that I would consider switching to, and I have been part of implementing from other systems to Concur several times now. 

Being part of the implementation is essential, as every company is different, so you will want to be able to custom-fit your Concur expense tool for your company. Training is also very important, especially if your travel policy is complex. I hope you find your answer. 



Travel and Expense System Administrator
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I echo the above comments.  On the whole we're very happy with Concur for our expense management.



  • Mobile app is user-friendly and ExpenseIt is a worthwhile additional feature for our corporate cardholders.  Very easy for them to digitally capture their receipts through the app.
  • Delegate feature allows executive administrators etc to do the bulk of the Concur processing work on behalf of those that are either too busy (executives etc) or infrequent users of Concur
  • Configurable workflows - we have a finance processor as first approver so they can do an initial audit check before sending to a manager for approval, greatly reducing the number of reports sent back by managers
  • Configurable audit rules and local tax treatments
  • Concur Support are responsive and generally well-informed, as well as the Concur staff who post in this Community


  • Solution Suggestions for product enhancements are often slow to progress - some long-standing examples that have been requested by many customers and not delivered:
    • Delegate feature not available on the mobile app
    • Required fields for Fringe Benefits Tax not available on mobile app (Note: only impacts Australian customers)
  • Expense Assistant is not a helpful tool for us in practice as we can't align the periods with our credit card billing cycles


Good luck with your journey!

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Hi Kakashi,

The expense reimbursements experience should be no different to that of credit card expenses if you create good internal system audit controls and workflows.


The system controls can force receipts/ invoice and comments on the employee before they are allowed to submit for payment.  The workflow can also include an independent third party audit by SAP Concur on 100% of these transactions or those which you determine as being high risk in nature.


While system rules can be "gotten around", the SAP Concur audit module provides a safety net for you in relation to your receipt and expense policy compliance.  I have this situated in the workflow between the employee and the final "approver" and it can check simple things like a valid receipt has been attached instead of a picture of the employees pet!


Nothing beats having intimate knowledge of the employees activities and that is where the "approver" is still a vital step in the workflow.


Kind regards




Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics