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A Senior Marketing Leader with expertise in strategy, planning and leading the execution of highly successful consumer and business-to-business integrated marketing campaigns, programs and events. Sheila has a broad industry background, working on some of the world's best known brands (Microsoft, Visa, United Airlines, AT&T, etc.), encompassing technology, financial services, advertising, telecommunication, airline/transportation and retail. She is passionate about purpose initiatives, team building, driving innovations and creating a positive team culture.

SMB: How Data is Changing the Role of Finance within Your Business to Make Better Decisions

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee
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Small and midsize businesses (SMB) - Today’s finance leaders have a growing opportunity to impact the overall direction of their companies. Businesses now have an overwhelming of data available and finance teams are increasingly being relied upon to make sense of it all. With the ability to see these insights, companies can break through silos to gain an understanding of how financial results impact operational performance.


Join Doreen Remmen, SVP of Operations and CFO of the Institute of Management Accountants, and SAP Concur for a 30-minute presentation, where we'll cover:

  • The impact of the rapidly increasing presence of data in business and our careers
  • Evolving competencies for accountants
  • Making data-driven decisions, interpreting results, and compelling ways to communicate the story within the data .

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This content is relevant for: organizations with less than 4000 employees looking to learn more about SAP Concur.