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Link bookings to report

I am having difficulties when making my report, getting the trip I booked linked to it.  I am booking with concur and later creating my reports. They do not link up in the end and my report red flags me as not having booked.  I'm sure I simply need to do it a different way.  Any help or suggestions?

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Re: Link bookings to report

Hi @jdaffer


Thanks for posting!


If I understand you correctly and you are looking to linking your itinerary to your expense report. I believe this post Getting Air Itineraries to Automatically or Easily Forwarded from Travel to Expense would have the solution you are looking for. 


Hope this helps!





Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager
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SAP Concur Employee

Re: Link bookings to report

I know this may seem like an obvious question, but are you booking your business trips through SAP Concur Travel? 


If so, you should see those itinerary items/trip segments on the Expense side of things. If you are not seeing the itinerary items in SAP Concur Expense, then there might be some other issue with those items going over to Expense. 


Do you have a current example of a recently booked trip by chance in your account? If so, I could go in and take a look. If you PM me your name and full company name, I can go look. Without a recent trip, it will be pretty difficult to help troubleshoot the issue.