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China Travel Agency

What travel agency are companies using in China?  Is anyone using CITS?  I am trying to understand if we can use only CTrip or if we need to have another agency involved as well to do both domestic and international bookings.

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Re: China Travel Agency



What is CITS?

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Re: China Travel Agency



to understand Chinese Travel Market, there needs to be some more explanation:

- while rest of world is using the global reservation systems Amadeus or Sabre, China has its own state-owned reservation Travel Sky, where local agencies work with. Access to Travel Sky is legally blocked for any non-Chinese booking tool.

- There is also a self-service Travel Sky booking tool

- All domestic trips will be booked on Travel Sky by any agency, 

- For international bookings, some agencies offer an Amadeus or Sabre access


My customers are using any TMC in the Chinese market. There are alternatives to cTrip, like CWT or BCD Travel. The only solution with a kind of intergration to Concur is cTrip.


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