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Would you be interested in an area to share configurations and audit rules? A Resource Library?

Knowing that each of us most likely has their own configuration expert at their company-  I figure we each don't need to re-invent the wheel, especially when one of us has mostly likely already designed the solution we are seeking!    I am interested discussing, and sharing our configurations and audit rules to learn from each other and share tips and tricks.  Do you think you would be interested in doing this? We could create a board of topics and have answers or suggestions posted by all of us-  Perhaps even a repository of pdfs and spreadsheets  and other examples of how we do what we do in Expense -  Would this be of value to you? 


For those of you out there using Detect, would you be interested in sharing the various audit rules in place that you are using to "teach" the system to look at or disregard within expense reports?