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How to get the detail report to print in date order to match the expense ?

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dear @sduong1966 

are you referring to the hard copy expense report header, which you can choose once printing it to than include your receipts? If so, I am not sure the purpose of that, since expenses should be verified within the Concur system, as between the "Print Report" and the actual expense report in Concur could be different. In a way, if an employee print the hard copy report and than modify the expense report on the system, the hard copy has no real value. 

Or are you working in accounting and need to print the report only once is approved for payment? That is the only time it could be considered a valid document.


If you are instead an expense user, you would be better just by selecting "Date" in your expense report, which it will provide you the list of expenses by date, which you can do it also by amount or expense type.


Please clarify the reason behind your request, as I remember 10 years ago I was asked a similar question by accounting for the details report and it wasn't possible to modify the order of the printed items.


thank you


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager