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Flight Icons in Concur Expense

Is anyone else having issues with their flight icons where:

  • the icon doesn't populate at all
  • the icon is duplicated x number of times
  • legs of a trip that should have created their own icon did not, so that only part of the flight/trip creates automated flight icons for reconciliation
  • the amount of the flight icon is off by the amount of a leg
  • the amount is off by the amount of a seat sale or discount
  •  the amount comes through as zero

While I've been shown duplicate icons are due to rebookings (and that's fine), I've found that for the other instances, this is almost always due to the fare amount (or part of the fare amount) being entered by the TMC in the PQ Stored fare field rather than the ticketing data, and Concur has confirmed they cannot pick up this information - resulting in a flight icon with incorrect financial information.

As a very large educational institution, we have a lot of strict audit requirements, and we're often not meeting them because the financial information for flights feeding into Concur expense is not correct or reliable (and relying on the user to correct this does not count as meeting the audit requirements).

Is anyone else having this problem, and do you have workarounds in place? Is anyone not having this problem willing to share whether they have a dedicated TMC, and how they manage their bookings in Sabre if they do?

Thanks, everyone!