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Advance payment through T&E card Intemization in Concur

I paid some of my lodging expanses in Celle Germany in advance now facing difficulties in itemization. Now I itemized all the advance payment of EUR200 for the next days and added a comment in the comment box with details of the expanses but the transaction date is not matching. Is this the correct way to do it? or how can I mange it in future to avoid any compliance issue? And is this a compliance issue? Will be thankful if get an answer as soon as possible?
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dear @amjadahad 

it depends on how it was set up your Concur's system. Mainly companies prefer to set it up removing the possibilities to put future dates on expenses, which I understand it is your case.

My first general question is, were you allowed to book the hotel, as generally via the travel tools, there isn't advance booking charges, but there is via other external platforms (e.g.

If instead you followed the company policy, and the hotel stays is within few days, I would wait to submit that expense after you staid in the hotel, otherwise, if the stay is in 1 or 2 months, I would include the expense under the most appropriate you have available into your system. I don't have access to your list of expenses, but worst case scenario you might have a "Others" OR "Miscellaneous", include those there specifying in the comment all the reason of that transaction. At the end, it is important that the expense is compliant within the policy AND that you are able to reimburse the credit card company on time, in order to get late payment charges.  Please let me know how it goes. thank you.

Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager