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New Member - Level 1

No Matching Card Transaction

I have a pending expense in concur from a flight and while I have an e-receipt, it comes up with the error message: "You have an e-receipt or travel data, but no matching card transaction. Please wait until your credit card transaction imports into concur to add e-receipt."

This expense is almost 2 months pending, and no matter what I change the payment type to, it will not accept the expense. I just want to pay off my company card, and dont understand why it wont import the matching card information.

Note: E-reciept from concur is attached as the flight was purchased through concur travel.

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: No Matching Card Transaction

This is a tad strange as your card transaction should come in. Off the top of my head, and this is just an educated guess, your transaction may be hidden for some reason. Ask your company card admin to check and see if the transaction is hidden. If so, they can release it to you. If not, then there is some other issue going on. You may need to submit a support ticket to SAP Concur and have them look into it. 

Routine Member - Level 2

Re: No Matching Card Transaction

When we get this question from employees it usually means one of 2 things.   

The employee has already submitted that expense and didn't use the e-receipt.   To see if this is the case - pull up the past transactions  and look for a matching card transaction by going to View transactions.

The other situation that happens is that the air was not charged to the employee's card.  It could have been charged to a central bill or manager or other employee for a number of reasons.


Sandra Ahola
Senior Analyst Travel, Card & Expense
New Member - Level 1

Re: No Matching Card Transaction

Sandra, If the 2nd situation occurs, who do you contact? I have an e-recipt for a flight change and only recieved the $18.00 recipt but not the flight change. I looked at my Amex card and no charges are showing up for the $200+ flight change that is showing up in my expenses

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: No Matching Card Transaction

I know this has been a while but, i am curious... Has this ever been resolved?

I asked because, I'm guessing if an expense report has been in flight for a while, would you think one of the errors of the error is because of the latter?  If we re-submit that same expense report, will this resolve that error?  all of them are hypotheses. Smiley Wink 


Note: if we submit an expense report, it creates a unique billing ID therefore, it counts against our expense report tier/cycle  Smiley Happy