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Accidental Uber Charge - Reimbursed

My company just started to use Concur a few weeks ago and I recently set up my Uber Business account with my new company card. While using the app over the weekend (specifically Uber Eats), it automatically inserted my company card for payment. However, I quickly noticed and had Uber change payment to my personal credit card after the order went through.

The initial charge and reimbursement show on my credit card statement, as well as an available expense on Concur. Even though the balance is zero. How do I deal with having these transactions on my Concur, even though money is not owed? 

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SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Accidental Uber Charge - Reimbursed

You can add the charge to your expense report and mark it as personal. That way no payment is made. This way you reconcile it through Concur so it is removed from your Available Expenses. :-)



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Re: Accidental Uber Charge - Reimbursed

We've had a few of our corporate card holders caught out with this.  They're trained to check they're using the right profile with Uber, but didn't realise that Uber Eats picks up the last-used profile from Uber.


In Concur, put both the charge and the reimbursement as Personal on your expense report since they net to $0.