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reconciling expense reports to transactions on a corporate card

In Concur, streams of transactions through a newly installed corporate card are being displayed as line items in the 'Available Transactions' area. These transactions now need to be processed into the GL. We have assigned an employee in accounts payable to 'drag' these transactions (from 'Available Expenses') onto a corporate expense report and submit so that the interface can post the GL information appropriately. 

My question relates to the reconciliation between what is submitted and what is paid to the credit card company. We were thinking that we should make payment to the credit card company in the same amount(s) as the total of the expense reports submitted. Is this a best practice to ensure that we are always reconciled (ie payments to expense reports submitted)? Another piece of this puzzle would be a monthly review of charges to corporate card not yet submitted to ensure that there is no 'old' transaction that is always bypassed when creating the expense report. 

What are your thoughts?

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Re: reconciling expense reports to transactions on a corporate card

Hi Paul,

How about creating a Intelligence Report in Concur to show the total amounts of expense report submitted and approved for the particular month (filter the report with the post date of the transaction)? In this way, you know exactly how many transactions and how much amounts submitted for each month so you can then make the payment accordingly.

Not sure if I totally understand your situation, but that's my thoughts. Smiley Happy



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Re: reconciling expense reports to transactions on a corporate card

How do you run an Intelligence Report?