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Occasional Member - Level 2

Receipt Requirements

We are considering lowering our $$ amount on expense receipts. Interested at what $ amount do you require itemized receipts.

Thank you! 

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Routine Member - Level 3

Re: Receipt Requirements

Hi Jenny - we do not require receipts for transactions under $82.50 AUD including tax - equivalent to $55USD based on current rates.

Kind regards

Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Routine Member - Level 2

Re: Receipt Requirements

Hi @jennymc79,

In the US, we require receipts for everything over $25. 


Jessica Lynch
Associate Accountant & Travel Manager
Routine Member - Level 2

Re: Receipt Requirements

Hi @jennymc79,

My company requires receipts on all expenses that are not mileage, tips, or tolls, regarless of dollar amount. Another exception is fraudulent transactions and accidental personal charges. Other than that, receipts are required on everything.

Occasional Member - Level 2

Re: Receipt Requirements

We also do not have a minimum. We require receipts on everything except Mileage, tips, fraudulent charges, and airline charges that have level 3 data.

New Member - Level 1

Re: Receipt Requirements


Is there documentation stating that receipts are required for each expence?

The team I have transferred to isn't used to doing this process and I'd like to make sure they are updated and incompliance.