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Cost Savings - Expense Reports

I believe the cost to process an expense report is $8 per report. Has anyone explored ways to lower the number of expense reports that are submitted by employees? Perhaps moving to a policy with Statement Reports or providing training employees to avoid breaking up expenses into multiple reports?

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Re: Cost Savings - Expense Reports

We use the Billed Transaction Reconciliation report (in Public Folders -> Intelligence -> Standard Reports -> Administration) to identify users that have submitted multiple reports in a month and target training towards them.   

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Re: Cost Savings - Expense Reports

DeanR has a great solution to identify these users. Have Cognos send this report to all managers 


I think another thing to consider is training your managers/approvers to not approve more than so many reports in a month from employees. 


So, maybe train up employees that they will now be submitting one report per month and then reach out to all managers/approvers to let them know what they should do if they see a second report from an employee in the same month.  In the case where someone does submit a second report in the month, their manager/approver can send it back and tell them to delete the report and add those expenses to the next month's report. 


This is a suggestion. I might also suggest to get buy in from your higher ups to have them put this policy in place.