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Corporate Debit Card Transactions

Recently I learned after trying for some time to get transactions to load for our Corporate Debit cards, that Concur does not recognize debit card transactions. 


My company only has debit cards at this time, and we are working on getting credit cards, but until that happens I was curious if anyone else has run into this.  If so, how do you handle the transactions for the debit card?


I thought of a couple options:

  1. Load them into Concur, and act as if they are personal card transactions and clean it up once the expenses are uploaded into QuickBooks.
  2. Don't even load them into Concur at all, and just handle everything on the corporate debit cards in QuickBooks.

I'm just not sure what the correct approach would be.  Any insight would be helpful for this newbie.


Thank you in advance for your feedback.