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Occasional Member - Level 1

Need help to run report for UNASSIGNED corporate card transactions per cardholder

Please help I am new to Concur. Thanks! 



Community Manager
Community Manager

@kamster since you are new to SAP Concur, I need to ask a couple of questions. 

1. Have you ever used the Cognos reporting tool? 

2. Do you have the correct permission to access Cognos reporting from within SAP Concur? 


If you answered no to question 1, but yes to question 2, let me know so I can point you to some resources that can help you get familiar with how the tool works. Without some familiarity with the tool, trying to type out an explanation is going to be difficult and very long. 🙂


If you answered no to question 2, then you'll need to be assigned at least the Cognos Consumer role by your company's SAP Concur site administrator. Without this role, you won't have access to even run any reports. 


I'll await your reply. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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